Friday, January 14, 2022

PW Pizza Griesedieck Brothers Brewery Beer Dinner

Although we still cannot do PW Pizza Beer dinners in person, we were ready to kick off the new year with a new brewery - welcome back Griesedieck Brothers! So happy for these beer dinners to give us a chance to try new beers on a regular basis.

Can lineup

German style beer with a soft pretzel? Makes sense to me. The Golden Pilsner was so smooth, I almost thought it was summer.

Pretzel Sticks with whipped salted butter

The Tarte Flambee pizza came with gruyere on it, my favorite part, but it was the bacon and caramelized onions that made it a good pairing with the Double Mellow Amber Lager.

I think this may be the first time for a Schnitzel pizza and definitely the first time with grain mustard and German potato salad on top too! There was a lot going on with this pizza. The Bavarian Wheat was still good by itself though.

Tarte Flambee pizza (left) and Schnitzel pizza (right)

You know Patience loved the 1880 Session Porter and was perfect for the dessert course, Black Forest Cake. You know that was my favorite dish!

Black Forest Cake



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Photos by Patience Scanlon