Sunday, December 19, 2021

Dado's Cafe

I don't know how many times I have driven by this place since it's right across the street from my bank, but it's so cute and close by! I definitely have to give a shout out to because I think that's how I found out about Dado's Café.

While it's easy to go to our default Greek places, I love trying new places. What was cool about this restaurant is that we could get our favorite appetizers built into an entrée! And we didn't have to share! 

Since they were officially entrées, a small Greek salad was included.

Small Greek Salad

Patience ordered her two favorite things as a complete meal...Dolmades and Spanakopita!

Dolmades and Spanakopita

I was able to get a Combination entrée like a said, so not only did I get my favorite, Moussaka, but I also got my own Dolmades and Spanakopita. (I also had leftovers!)

Combo platter of Moussaka, Dolmades, and Spanakopita

Can't forget about dessert... we probably could have shared an order of baklava, but now we both have extra. (And we STILL don't have to share!)


Also awesome is that you can order online. There is curbside pick up, but there is plenty of parking in the lot behind the building. Plenty of seating inside if you're willing. 

Have kids? They even have several burger and pizza options too.


Dado's Cafe =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Noto Pizza

We crossed the river! Luckily, we remembered our passports! Sorry, that's an inside joke from us city folk. My friend heard wonderful things about Noto (and the positive press keeps coming), so I'm not about to turn down a chance to dine out and have an excuse to see a St. Charles County friend!

You really can't go wrong with Italian food, but Noto is known for their Neapolitan pizza as they have a huge pizza oven in the middle of the restaurant. Fortunately, half our table ordered pizza so we got to try the Margherita and the Italiano (basically a Margherita with sausage). Delicious, chewy crust!

Margherita Pizza

Italiano Pizza

I'm a big agnolotti fan so I HAD to order it. No hesitation. Cooked sage, walnuts, and brown butter!


And I know I can count on Patience for some pasta as well! Lobster Ravioli. Easy call to make for her too.

Lobster Ravioli

And she always orders Brussels sprouts too, which was the special side dish of the night. I will say I at least tried them. I'll leave it to the real fans though.

Brussels Sprouts

You KNOW we had cannoli for dessert!! Of course they had the other usual Italian desserts like tiramisu and gelato, not to mention after dinner drinks like an expresso martini and affogato.


Regardless, all they hype is true. Be sure to schedule a reservation at least two weeks in advance.


Noto =

Photos by Patience Scanlon