Friday, September 29, 2017

Main Street Brewing PW Pizza Beer Dinner

Patience and I have been to Main Street Brewing before a SLAM football game. We really enjoyed their beers and the food menu is plenty extensive.

At PW Pizza this month, we had the first cool day of fall so we got to start out on their patio for the first course. The Oktoberfest is so easy to drink and smartly paired with Housemade Bratwurst. The brat was carefully placed on top of a potato pancake with cabbage and dried cherries.

Housemade Bratwurst
The Pecan Brown is a little "grainy/malty" tasting, but it's still another smooth beer. This was the best pairing since the Pecan Braised Short Rib Pizza was amazing.

This pizza reminded me of the all time favorite "Prime Rib Pizza".

Pecan Braised Short Rib Pizza
A Baja Fish Pizza was paired with their Two Hop IPA. This IPA had big grapefruit citrus flavor, which helped to cut through the fishy flavor.

Baja Fish Pizza
The Assalted Caramel Pecan is definitely a dessert beer since you smell the caramel right away. So of course it's paired with an Apple Fritter with Salted Caramel Ice Cream. Definitely a clever name!

Apple Fritter & Salted Caramel Ice Cream


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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Two Brothers PW Pizza Beer Dinner

I had never heard of Two Brothers Brewing in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, probably because they don't have all that much distributed here yet. Luckily, more of their beer can be found on the east side of the area. (Good thing I go up to Chicago a time or two!)

The first pairing was amazing...because there was shrimp and because the sweetness of the lemon risotto was a good match for the Ebel's Weiss. Already starting strong!

Rosemary Grilled Shrimp
The second pairing was another delicious course due to the salty chicken confit on the pizza and the brown ale, Domaine Dupage, really mellowed everything out.

Chicken Confit Pizza
The third pairing had a lot of heat so it wasn't my favorite, but it made sense to pair the Red Thai Curry Pizza with the Wobble IPA. The beer tasted spicy as well!

Red Thai Curry Pizza
The last pairing was fun to say: Pohuehue (POE hooey hooey), which is made with coconut milk and you can smell it while you drink! Definitely a dessert beer! It was paired with a very sweet dessert... I would have gone with chocolate on this one if I were picking though. hehe

Rum Babas
Even better... the brewery is on a way to a friend's house in Chicago!


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Photos by Patience Scanlon

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Nudo House STL

Nudo House...just say it fast and you can hear what the restaurant is all about! Even better, it's near where I grocery shop a couple of times a month. YES!

Since Patience is a Ramen FREAK, we had to go right away and we have been several times since then. I order take out and it comes up SO FAST! Perfect for a meal during the week.

I've gotten to try most of the ramen dishes and my favorite, hands down, is the Hebrew Hammer. (Google the reference.) Chicken cooked in schmalz? You KNOW it had my name written all over it.

Hebrew Hammer
We finally remembered to order the spring rolls and those were a winner too.

I know there is Pho and sandwiches, but I'm really not sure I'm ever going to be able to break away from my favorite. I hope they don't mind...


Nudo House STL =

Mark Twain Brewing PW Pizza

The Mark Twain Brewing PW Pizza was definitely a good one since it features one of the handful of women brewers in the area AND we got to sit at the brewer's table for this one. Cat Golden was fun to sit and talk with!

Woah...the Huck's Habanero Apriot Wheat had quick the kick! Good thinking to pair it with peppers, but the beer was way too spicy for me.

Summer Pepper Salad
The BLT Pizza was an interesting pizza paired with Halley's Blueberry Saison. Nice and light for me!

BLT Pizza
The Chicken and Waffles Pizza was the most fun (and it had Gruyere!) and was well paired with the heavier Oatmeal Pale Ale. Chicken and Waffles...STILL good on a pizza too! hehe

Chicken and Waffles Pizza
For dessert, the fun to say A Wee Bit Foggy Scotch Ale, with high ABV (although referring to fog in Hannibal) was plenty heavy since it had to stand up to a very heavy Puppy Chow Rice Krispy Treat. I don't think anyone was able to make it through the entire dish!

Puppy Chow Rice Krispy Treat
I am definitely think road trip up to Hannibal needs to happen!


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Photos by Patience Scanlon

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Das Bevo

Unfortunately, this restaurant has closed and is only open for event space.

Well this is really embarrassing. It just turned into September this week and my last post was from the end of June. That's just sad.

I do admit that a lot has happened in that time, but I really wish I had time to write more. I was laid off at work and immediately, the first week of July, I went on a road trip visiting friends for nine days. Unfortunately, I came home with a cold and only had two days to get ready for the new job.

Without any work from home days and work days that go at a much faster pace, there isn't much writing time. Then early August brought our annual vacation, so that was another ten days gone. The summer flew by, but at least we ate and drank a lot from Milwaukee, to Iowa, to Phoenix, to Oakhurst, to Dana Point.

The one restaurant I did get to visit in July was Das Bevo, which as gotten nothing but rave reviews from, well, everyone, and my friend Jill lives down the street! Perfect meetup for us!

Das Bevo!
Jill was also a willing participant for sharing "all the things". This is definitely a place where I really would love to try everything, so I'm looking forward to going back again. I was a little happy that I did wait so long because there were plenty of open tables on a Sunday night.

You know we had to start with the Pretzel-Crusted Cheese Curds...amazing!

Everyone bragged about the Kraut Balls so we got some of those too.

I had to go traditional with the German board because I had to have bratwurst, sauerkraut for sure and I loved the pretzel with spicy beer mustard too! And then there was their version of potato salad as well. I probably could have split all of that.

German Board
All this with a pint and I was definitely ready for bed! hehehe

There are so many Sandwiches as well as Entrees that we didn't make it to...can't wait to go back again, although I'll probably stick with the traditional German foods. hehe


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