Sunday, May 16, 2021

PW Pizza Golden Road Beer Dinner

Patience was excited about this LA-based brewery because there is a female brewer! I wasn't sure she would enjoy any of the beers in the list due to the fact they were all fruity or an IPA! The beers definitely surprised us and it was a good pick for this month.

Golden Road Lineup

The salads are still big winners and we couldn't finish it with three people! All the fruity beers ring in at 4.0% ABV so I think any beer could have gone with the salad since they're all so light. We started off with the Mango Cart, which was matched up with a mango vinaigrette dressing.

Hamilton House Mixed Greens Salad

The best part about the fruity beers is that they weren't tart at all. Of course they would make great patio pounders too! The Melon Cart was paired with a BBQ Roast Pork Loin Pizza, which also had pineapple on top. 

BBQ Roast Pork Loin Pizza on the bottom, Cajun Spice Shrimp Pizza on top

Of course the Cajun Spicy Shrimp Pizza was cooled off with their well-known Wolf Pup Session IPA. It actually wasn't too hoppy! A nice change of pace!

I think the best pairing was the Pineapple Cart beer with a Pineapple Cheesecake, which I don't think I've ever had before. This definitely made me ready for warm weather!

Pineapple Cheesecake

Golden Road Brewing Menu


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Photos by Patience Scanlon

Take Out Friday - Gokul

Since we aren't going out as much before COVID, I am sure I'll still have quite a few "Take Out Friday" posts in the coming months. Be sure to note that we're not getting the full restaurant experience or ambiance. 

Hopefully, these will be good teasers as far as restaurants to try in person when we get out more.

We're really not well versed in Gokul or Indian food and my experience had been at the lunch buffet at their old location in West County. Now they are in the Loop!

While my dish was way too spicy for me, Patience ordered a lot smarter with a veggie and rice dish.

Vegetables and Rice

Luckily, she also ordered some cheesy Naan and Paneer Pakora to help cool me down. (Paneer Pakora is also cheese that's been dipped in batter and fried.)

Cheesy Naan

Paneer Pakora

We may need a few more orders to find the right dishes for us...


Gokul =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

Monday, May 10, 2021

1111 Mississippi Ten Years Later

I couldn't believe that the last time I went to 1111 Mississippi was for my birthday in 2011! That means it's been ten years since I went back and after a discussion with friends who had never been, it was time to go back. And kudos to the restaurant for surviving all these years!

I still think this is more of a "date night" restaurant, but the food and service are outstanding for any occasion. I'll let the dishes do the talking since my first review here didn't have any pictures!

I wasn't sure any of us would have room for our entrees as we ordered a few starters! All were winners!

Oak Oven Roasted Mussels, White Bean Hummus, and Wild Boar Ravioli (my favorite).

Oak Oven Roasted Mussels

White Bean Hummus

Wild Boar Ravioli

Same goes for the entrees and specials...

The tuna steak on a bed of Israeli cous cous was a special for the night.

Tuna Steak with Israeli cous cous and peas

Eggplant Parm was my pick of course...I was able to get the appetizer size so as not to over due it!

Eggplant Parmesan

Pai went all out with the T-bone steak special and we got to eat the leftovers the next morning in an omelette!

T-Bone Steak

Even the Petite Filet Oscar, off the menu, is just as beautiful on top of all those mashed potatoes!

Petite Filet Oscar

One of several flatbreads on the menu...

Eleven Eleven Margherita Flatbread

And since we were there for a birthday, we HAD to order dessert! The bread pudding was decadent as you'd expect.

Bread Pudding

Definitely birthday dinner worthy! And make sure you don't let ten years pass before you go back!


1111 Mississippi =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Lucky Accomplice Brunch

To make up for missing her 40th birthday party, we had a make up celebration over brunch at a new restaurant for all of us! This one had been high on my list and lived up to my expectations. 

I had picked out a dish that I guessed I would like, but I should have known better, because we ended up sharing a lot of the menu. 

Of course we started out with cocktails...the bubbles on the house for our birthday girl, followed by the Rosebud Spritz, Meyer Lemon Mimosa (so tart!), the Salsa Verde Bloody Mary (so spicy!), and a Bourbon Milk Punch.

First round of Brunch cocktails...

Starting off small and sweet, the Lil John was pretty much dessert for breakfast. Chocolate on the outside, pecans on top, and cream cheese in the middle!

Lil John

I requested something with protein so we weren't bouncing off the walls, and the Waffle Fried Chicken hit the spot in the savory category. It is served with a Korean chili syrup and chicken liver butter.

Waffle Fried Chicken

Going back to sweet, the pancake with whipped lemo ricotta and jam on top was also decadent.


My favorite had to be the Tater Tot Benedict since I love all things "Benedicted"! So rich...

Tater Tot Benedict

I was ready to throw in the flag here, but another round of cocktails came out...Carmelized Pina Colada and two Italian Spiced sodas...

Second round of cocktails...

And since we had to pass on the French Toast, we charmed our way into tasting the Gjetost fondue! This cheese lover was in heaven!

Gjetost Fondue

I cannot wait to go back for dinner! And maybe not quite so many cocktails...


Lucky Accomplice =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

Take Out Friday - K Bop STL

K Bop STL opened a stored front on Delmar in the Loop, probably geared towards those Wash U students, but this gave us a chance to try something new!

This was a "Take Out Friday" event for us and the bowls travel really well. And they are adorable too!

Patience convinced me to try a Beef Bulgoli since she wanted to have a bite of it.

Beef Bulgogi

She ordered the BiBimBop for herself, probably because of the lucious fried egg on top.


And we split an order of veggie spring rolls!

Spring Veggie Rolls

Definitely perfect take out food, regardless if you are a college student. 


K Bop STL =

Photos by Patience Scanlon