Sunday, July 31, 2022

Menya Rui

I couldn't WAIT to take Patience to this new ramen shop that recently opened nearby and it's quite the experience!

We got there a few minutes after they opened for the evening, and there was already a line. I was confused by this, but once we got inside, I understood there is VERY limited seating. This restaurant felt very "big city" ramen shop.

They seat you wherever there is a stool available and we shared a table with some strangers. While there is maybe one or two other tables, the rest is bar style seating. 

At the time we went, there were two appetizers to try in addition to the ramen, so we got both! 

The first was Karaage, Japanese fried chicken served with Kewpie mayo.


The pickled cucumbers were delicious. Definitely recommend this one as an appetizer.

Pickled Cucumbers

But the ramen was beautiful. Pork for Patience, chicken for me.

Pork Ramen

If you're a ramen fan, be sure to put this one on your list, but make sure you have enough time to wait for it. 

NOTE: They do NOT do take out! 


Menya Rui =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bluewood Brewing and Burger 809

Late June, I had a friend come in town to visit, and he regretted not making it to Bluewood Brewing as he tried to cram in as many St. Louis breweries as he could while he was here. Then I realized I forgot to make a reservation for a scheduled dinner, and luckily, the brewery name was still fresh in my mind!

As soon as we pulled up to Bluewood Brewing, I knew exactly where I was... it's the old Table! No wait, the old Stable! I miss both of the previous restaurants, but excited to try this new version.

Bluewood Brewing

If you've never been, this brewery / restaurant, it has an incredibly large space with a small stage and patio attached. Be sure to add it to your list of breweries to check out!

In the little kitchen window space, near the bar, Burger 809, has taken up residence serving sliders. What a perfect match with beer! 

We tried several sliders and I was filled up on two! (I had to take the third one home.) 

Sliders from Burger 809

My favorite was Hey Henry! - it was topped with their Baked Mac and Cheese!

Hey Henry! - Your mac n cheese is on my burger!

Not to mention full size sides - Onion Rings for Patience, but Cheesy Fries for me!!

Onion Rings and Cheesy Fries



Bluewood Brewing =

Burger 809 =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

Monday, July 4, 2022

Rock Star Tacos

Cheers to Dan!

I ran into Wil Pelly at a salute to a friend's passing and that was the final sign I needed to get over to Rock Star Tacos. Now that they've moved to the city, I had no excuse.

Luckily, it was also my turn for selecting Take Out Friday!

The best part is reading all the taco (band) names, and we'll definitely have to go back to try more of them. 

Pai wanted to try the Skinny (Hush) Puppies (I guess they couldn't call them Sick Puppies, which is one of my favorite bands), so we got the starter size! 

Skinny Puppies

Pai and I stuck with our favorites...I ordered the Fish You Were Here and the Thunder Cluck, while she chose the Shrimp Bizkit and the Birria Dollar Babies.


Pai raved about the Birria so special close up on that one!

Birilla Taco 

And I couldn't stay away from the Mac and Diane side... it had green chilis in it, but it wasn't too spicy for me at all! It was definitely ooey and gooey as stated on the menu!

Mac and Diane

I also got to see Naomi behind the bar when I went to pick up the food so be sure to make it TO the restaurant so you can have a proper drink with your tacos.


Rock Start Tacos =

Photos by Patience Scanlon