Friday, June 18, 2021

Bolyard's New Location

As soon as the new version of Bolyard's opened, I jumped at the chance to order one of their many sandwiches! At the previous location, the sandwiches were only available for lunch, and I was way too lazy to drive down the street for them in the middle of the work day. But now that they are open until 7pm in the new location across the street, it's the perfect quick pick up for "Take Out Friday"!

Patience had another red meat craving since we have it so infrequently at home. The Steak sandwich was very filling and rich, covered in blue cheese and horse radish cream.

Steak sandwich

Of course the Tallow Fries go best with that! (Their ketchup and other sauces are all home made too!)

Tallow Fries

Normally, I would have stuck to my traditional and safe "Tom Tom", or turkey sandwich, but Bolyard's includes a "No Kid Hungry Special", a Chicken Salad sandwich. In addition to the pulled chicken, there were grilled vegetables (a ratatouille if you will) mixed in with the chicken. I've never had such a complex chicken salad before!

Chicken Salad sandwich

I was adventurous again with my side and chose the Pickled & Fermented veggies. Unfortunately, I only could enjoy the actual pickles, but Patience loved the beets and the brussel sprouts. There were some unripened looking strawberries as well. I am hoping that the vegetables will vary?

Pickled & Fermented Veggies

Bolyard's really takes advantage of the new space and is a great upgrade to Maplewood! 

Check out the new Bolyard's!

P.S. I cannot wait to go back and try one of their burgers!!


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Photos by Patience Scanlon