When I inherited a new stepfamily, I quickly learned that every dinner together was a celebration, which meant celebrating with a lot of food and wine! 

In order to keep up, I started taking wine and cheese classes and over time, I began to discover my favorite wines, but even more importantly, I found that I enjoyed the cheese even more than the wine!
Soon I began taking all the “CHEESE and wine” classes that I could find at Whole Foods, The Wine & Cheese Place, and The Wine Merchant around St. Louis.
Then I expanded my interests to various food and wine pairing classes with STLwinegirl, Angela Ortmann, and after my first multi-course lobster wine dinner, I knew I had to share all my “food adventures” in my first blog.

In addition to writing about restaurant reviews on my blog, I also make wine, cheese, and restaurant recommendations based on my experiences and what I have learned in all these classes.

You are always more than welcome to try out some of these classes for yourself and I often post about which classes I am taking on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, so feel free to follow along!