Friday, June 5, 2020

Where we are quaran-dining in June

I realized that the original blog post for our quaran-dining series March through May was getting rather long so I think I will start a new post for June.

Week 11 - June 5th: To keep with the theme of this week, Pai suggested we select a POC-owned restaurant, so her pick was Krab Kingz on Delmar. This "seafood boil" dinner was one of the best we've had in a while, and we definitely prefer the tin pan over a plastic baggie.

The Loaded Platter - Crab Leg Boil
Patience ordered an extra "crab bundle" so that we wouldn't fight over three of them. As a bonus, there were a couple of hard boiled eggs as well. Plenty of shrimp and potatoes and andouille sausage leftover for dinner tomorrow night too!

Week 12 - June 12th: I was talking to our bestie Julia about how she still has never had Mai Lee so we used this week's take out meal to finally pop that cherry! We ordered some Korean BBQ beef and rice for her, while Pai got her favorite duck curry and I ordered the rice noodles (yes I always get #65 so deal)!

Week 13 - June 19th: While I was out of town, Patience took a video of her Salt + Smoke dinner. She must have missed me because she ordered for two! Geez!

Week 14 - June 26th: We're trying a new restaurant! How exciting! I heard a lot of rave reviews from those early adopters of Chicken Out.

I ordered the Mo Parm Mo Fowl sandwich (clever!) and got THREE sides so I could try them all! Crinkle Fries (with cheese sauce of course), Mac & Cheese (duh) and the Old Skool Creamy Slaw (tasty). My andwich was seriously messy and I saved half so I could eat the sides. hehe

Chicken Out Chicken Parm sandwich with sides
This is a great addition to the loop and the college kids are going to love it. I hope it'll be open late on weekends for them too.