Monday, July 30, 2018

PW Pizza Public House Brewing Beer Dinner

I have actually been to Public House Brewing, featured at this month's PW Pizza beer dinner, so I was happy to support a place I enjoy. It's a very easy to drive down 44 south to St. James and I definitely recommend taking a day trip this fall!

Thanks to my friend Megan, I hung out at the winery / brewery a couple of times since St. James shares a patio with them. That is one way to make sure everyone is happy if they can have a choice of wine or beer to pair up with all the delicious snacks they serve there.

Three out of four beers were still new to me so that was fun to try some new things...

We started off with a different "salad" course, more of an appetizer I guess? Melon-wrapped Prosciutto, drizzled in balsamic. You know I took the piggy off immediately and gave it to Patience. It made for a light first course, but I figured...more room for pizza later! The Hide and Seek Hefeweizen the melon was paired with was a little too hoppy from what I'm used to with Schlafly's version.

Melon Prosciutto
The first pizza was the winner this night! Even though it said Spicy Sausage Pizza, the sausage was not spicy at all and the best part was all the mozzarella cheese oozing all over it. The sausage was cut in large chunks so that you could still get plenty of flavor with all the mozzarella all over it! The Frisco 1501 Amber Lager was easy to drink as well.

Spicy Sausage Pizza
I learned that the Elusive IPA combines six types of hops and not the ones you typically find so that led to it's name. It still has a big grapefruit nose and of course they paired a spicy Jerk Chicken Pizza with it. But again, it really wasn't that spicy other than the small bites of jalapeno, which I could easily pick off.

Caribbean Jerk Chicken Pizza
Dessert was over the top as I was served a hamburger-sized Oatmeal Raisin Whoopie pie!! The server even pointed out that she gave me the largest one out of the entire dinner. hehehe It was a great dessert to go with the Revelation Stout, which they brew year round. It's way too bitter for me, but perfect for Patience, and definitely was a great pairing.

Oatmeal Raisin Whoopie Pie


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Photos by Patience Scanlon