Sunday, April 25, 2021

Perennial on Lockwood

It finally happened...ready or not...we were asked out to dinner...INSIDE a restaurant! <gasp>

All of us fully vaccinated, we took our chances and met up at the new Perennial on Lockwood. One of the many places I couldn't wait to try!

Their patio looks awesome, but after making a reservation, we were seated inside, which is directly behind the new location of Olive + Oak. You can either walk through the patio or walk through Olive + Oak to access the actual restaurant.

I was a little disappointed that even with a reservation, we were seated at the long tables with stools when there were a couple of (distantly spaced) tables open. At least we had a good view of the (very) long bar and TVs. There is a fun, brewery feel to it and there are two private rooms as well.

I bet this will be a great place to hang out after dinner at Olive + Oak or to hang out when there can be more hanging out in groups.

There is not an extensive menu, but there is a full list of drinks and upscale pub food.

While there is a long list of Perrenial beer on draft, there are also cocktails, whiskey, and wine thanks to Olive + Oak next door. I ordered the house spritz, while Pai tried out a couple of Perennial's stouts.

Since we had to wait on our friends, we broke down and split the Farmers' Board. There is never enough cheese for me, but I loved the pickled vegetables, and the charcuterie comes from Bolyard's!

Farmers' Board

I had a craving for Fish & Chips...maybe because it was Friday? I love shoestring fries! It helps that were cooked in beef fat too.

Fish & Chips

Everyone ordered winners too. Claire's Grilled Cheese had two kinds of cheese AND jam! 

Claire's Grilled Cheese

The Patty Melt also included beef from Bolyard's and smothered in raclette!

Patty Melt with a side salad

One of the big splurges there is the Farmstead Bistro Steak, and boy is that worth it. Cooked perfectly.

Farmstead Bistro Steak

This is definitely a winner, especially since Olive + Oak will be hard to get into for a while. 

P.S. We didn't have room for dessert but I wish we had! 


Perennial on Lockwood =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

St. Louis Kolache

With so much going on this month, we did a "Take out Tuesday" with the kids. Mostly I was using them as a way to try out the new location of St. Louis Kolache that opened up very close by to me!

What's in the box?!?!?

It was SO easy to order online the night before (they close at 2pm!) and this way you can get all the flavors you want. You can designate your pick up time and I got an email when the kolaches were ready.

Since we were ordering the kolaches for dinner, I ordered all savory items, although Patience wanted one Blueberry one for dessert. You can see it below in the middle since it's not totally enclosed by dough and looks more like a danish.

Kolaches warmed up in the oven for dinner

My favorites were the Pappy's brisket, the Philly Cheesesteak, and the Sloppy Joe....oh wait, and the Gioia's Hot Salami was awesome too! (Note: You'll pay more for the speciality kolaches from Pappy's and Gioia's, but they are well worth it!)

Honestly, I loved them all and I highly recommend cutting them in half so you can mix and match as they fill you up really quickly!

Philly Cheesesetak left and middle, Sloppy Joe on the right


St. Louis Kolache -