Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Parkmoor

After a full year of "Take out Fridays", I am encouraged to see some new restaurants opening that I can't wait to try. It's nice to have something to look forward to. I don't remember the original Parkmoor, but wanted to try it out the new version. 

Since I knew I wanted to order the King Burger and a side of cheese fries, I also ordered a side salad to balance it all out.

King Burger and cheese fries

Perfectly sized side salad

Patience ordered the Super Grilled Cheese, which means there were THREE kinds of cheese involved (pimento, swiss, and american), most of which oozed out the sides!

Super Grilled Cheese and onion rings

Speaking of cheese, I also had to try the Mac & Cheese, which I made gooier by dumping the leftover fry cheese onto it! I highly recommend this hack!

Mac & Cheese side option

The inside of the diner had bright colors and lots of families at 6pm, but I'm curious if the bar area will pick up with some late night dining in the future?


The Parkmoor =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

Where we are quaran-dining in March 2021

March 5th = To kick off March, we ended up having a "Take Out LUNCH" instead as it is tradition the day before St. Baldrick's. Let's just say I didn't need much dinner after eating off of BEAST Butcher & Block's sandwich menu!

I ordered the Pimento Smash Burger, which is two 5 oz patties, white pimento cheese, mayo, shaved onions and their homemade pickles. Of course I had to have the "Fresh Fries" on the side with their special "fry sauce". Think, 1000 Island dressing with a kick!

Other popular and delicious items ordered were the Italian Beef and the Smoked Meatball Sub. Naps were required afterwards, just warning! 

You can check out the menu here:

Pimento Smash Burger

March 12th = After missing fish fries completely last year, I was happy to get the chance to do "Take out Fish Fry Friday" this year! Epiphany of Our Lord Parish (in our hood) has an excellent organized system and you can order online in advance! 

We always get cod, shrimp, mac & cheese, spaghetti, 3-Bean Salad, green beans, beets (for Patience), and gooey butter cake. And that's only half of their menu!

Epiphany Fish Fry

March 19th = It has been exactly a year since we last ate out at a restaurant, at a neighborhood Mexican place called La Catrina Mexican Restaurant. So they were our pick for this week!

Fish tacos, magaritas, and chips and salad

March 27th = I wanted to give a new restaurant a try after seeing a friend post about The Parkmoor. I got the King Burger and fries with cheese. Patience ordered grilled cheese (OMG - so much cheese!) with onion rings. 

King burger with cheese fries

Grilled Cheese and Onion Rings

A good way to end March for sure!