Monday, October 1, 2018

PW Pizza Odell Brewing Beer Dinner

While the name Odell Brewing sounds familiar, I really wasn't familiar with any of their beers.

I was thrilled to start out with an Oktoberfest since that is one of the beers I generally like and this one had plenty of flavor. It paired well with the Bavarian Pretzel and trio of mustard sauces, which was a big change from the usual starter course. (You know I couldn't handle the sauce with jalapeno in the middle.)

Bavarian Pretzel
My favorite pizza of the night was the Wurst Pizza, but it wasn't the worst by far! Ha! The apple chunks, mozzarella, and sausage went well together as you would expect, although the Rupture Fresh Grind Ale was too hoppy and overpowering. At first I thought they had accidentally served the IPA a round too early!

The Wurst Pizza
The German Potato Salad Pizza was definitely something unique and I ended up getting extra slices of this one. The mustard vinaigrette and Gruyere cheese made this a tasty pizza, but again, the Odell IPA was way too bitter for me. I even made the "bitter beer face"!

German Potato Salad Pizza
Dessert was another winner with a Black Forrest Cupcake...chocolate for the second month in a row too! The 90 Shilling is a Scottish-style Amber Ale and was also quite strong despite the mid-range level of IBUs.

Black Forest Cupcake
Luckily, I got extra cupcakes from my table mates after donating most of my beers!


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I have walked by Turn several times on my way up to Sophie's bar on the second floor of the .ZACH building in mid-town and I was always curious about the first floor restaurant. It started out strictly breakfast and lunch, but luckily my friend Ann, who works in the building, notified me that they had recently started serving dinner Thursday - Saturday!

With the small theater right across the lobby, the location makes a perfect pre-show dining spot, but it's even better is when there is NO SHOW!

So my friends and I ended up having a lovely, quiet, Girl's Night Out with maybe only a couple of other tables occupied. A menu on the smaller side made it easier to order, but honestly, we all were torn what to pick.

For those who might be in a rush to make it to a show, you could easily make a dinner out of two or three small plates as everything we tried was delicious.

The Trio of dips included tarragon hummus, caponata, and tapenade.

Trio of dips! 
I could not tell that the Vegan Poke Tacos contained jackfruit since the mangos are what stood out the most, along with the crunch of the taco shells.

Vegan Poke Tacos
Unfortunately, I forgot to capture the Aranchini, and probably should have ordered more of them along with poutine, mussels, and baked brie that were also calling out to me.

Trying to eat a main course on top of a few small plates was quite a challenge, and I smartly brought my leftovers home.

Ann ordered the Shrimp and Grits, which were actually listed under the small plates...also known as "45s" since the chef is also a DJ. The main courses are "LPs" and dessert is the "Encore". But this was definitely main course-sized.

Shrimp and Grits
The Scallop Bowl was calling my name as well, but luckily Beth ordered it and even let us have a bite. There were a generous FIVE scallops in this dish! Beth loved the broth just as much as the scallops too.

Scallop Bowl
I admit I played it safe, but I really enjoyed the Risotto with seasonal vegetable from Urban Harvest. I definitely wanted to finish off the plate, but I wanted to bring a treat home for Patience.

Risotto with vegetables
You might not know Turn is open for dinner so if we keep it between us, it can be our special secret rendezvous spot. Yet, I have heard wonderful things about their brunch, so I definitely hope to go back, no matter what time of day!


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