Sunday, February 9, 2020

Layla Revisited

I know I had been to Layla in the Grove, but that was quite a few years ago, and with previous owners of the restaurant. You can check that out here:

The old version used to serve Mediterrean, but the new version is a strange combination of gourmet burgers and shawarma!

Still, things didn't go quite as planned as I was hoping to use my birthday as an excuse to pick out a burger and a shawarma and split both. Both are filling by themselves so sadly, you can really only pick one.

Since Patience picked a burger, I went ahead and ordered the shawarma so that I could at least get a bite of burger. There are quite a variety of burgers with clever names, although I personally would only prefer a couple of them. Patience ordered the "Clarice", the lamb burger. (Hopefully, you get that.)

Clarice burger with sweet potato waffle fries
I assume there is a kid's menu with burgers on it because we went early to make it to the movies and almost every table was a family with kids. We were outnumbered!

I had the Traditional Shawarma, which was lamb as well. I figure if you order the Greek version, it really is a gyro at that point. hehe

To keep the theme going, I ordered quinoa tabbouleh on the side instead of fries, although hummus and pita was available too.

Traditional Shawarma with a side of quinoa tabbouleh
I was impressed at how many options there were to have your burger or shawarma become vegetarian or vegan, as well as gluten free. It literally is for everyone!

I really do hope to make it back to try MY pick of burger next time! (And may go later in the evening.) With a decent sized cocktail and draft beer list and a full bar, I'm thinking there must be more adults after 7pm.

Note: There was a charity cocktail called "Fund the Pain Away" where $2 of every drink goes to a local charity and I was more than happy to do my part!


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