Sunday, July 29, 2012


Since Layla is down the street from Wednesday’s “Cocktail Club” at Sancturia, my friend and I got to try out this new Lebanese restaurant. We had a very hard time narrowing down our selection since we both had our favorites that we wanted to try, so we followed the waiter’s advice and ordered the Layla Mezza for Two. Really…I think it easily could have fed three or four!

I got to taste my favorites: baba ganoush and falafel, while my friend had her favorites: hummus and tabbouleh. The Mezza also came with mutable, batata harra, and labneh. It was hard to remember which was which when it all came out on a large platter, but we both ended up sticking with our favorites when dipping the pita bread. Since falafel can be dry by itself, I recommend placing it inside a pita along with the different flavors to mix and match the taste. The Labneh, a thick Arabic yogurt dip, helped to sweeten it up for sure.

My friend and I also shared the Chicken Shish Kabab, which comes with basmati rice and fresh vegetables, and I’m not quite sure where we found room for it. I really didn’t want to leave it behind in favor of the Mezza platter, but then I also enjoyed dipping the chicken in some of the sauces as well.

I definitely recommend bringing a friend to help try multiple dishes. We were so full, there was no room left to try their baklava, one of my all-time favorite desserts that’s not chocolate! I definitely hope to go back.

Fantastic attentive service as well.


Layla =

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