Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 Hands Brewery

My beer-lovin’ friends used 4 Hands Brewery as a pre-Cardinal game meetup and although I thought it was a little far from the stadium, I respect their passion for local breweries. It turned out to be a good spot to go to because while it was busy, it wasn’t too crowded and we easily were able to get a table. Unfortunately, there was only one bartender so everyone did have to be a little patient getting a chance to order.

Since I wasn’t familiar with their beers at all, I selected the tasting sampler, which consisted of ten different sampler glasses, requiring two trays! Although this was a pricy option, I found that it was the best way to just try all their beers at once, especially for my first time. It helps if you’re with a group so that everyone can sample as well because there was plenty to go around.

Unfortunately, I prefer my beers sweet and light like my wines so I only had a couple favorites: The Single Speed Session, better known as American blonde ale, as well as the Reprise Centennial Red, which is an American red ale style. The IPAs and oatmeal stout were all too bitter for me but would please most microbrew beer lovers.

When I went to turn in my trays, the bartender was kind enough to ask me for my favorite and gave me a full pint free of charge! Maybe it helped that I tipped him well?

The highlight for me, though, was the 5th Wheel menu, created by Dave Bailey. There was no way I would be able to try all those beers in the heat without a little food in my stomach. I picked out a turkey sandwich, which had plenty of meat and came on a thick roll with a sweet sauce. My friend’s French dip was also a hearty size but they were just the right amount of food. The charcuterie plate looked like a good starter for two to share since it included a container of chicken liver (a little too rich), cheese, and summer sausage.

My pickle (a must with any sandwich) and sweet cole slaw on the side were perfect as well. My turkey was a little salty but the rich foods paired well with the strong flavors of the beers.

Oh, and we were able to get a golf cart shuttle ride to and from the game as well for tips!


4 Hands Brewery:

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