Sunday, October 31, 2021

Take Out October 2021

The month is almost over and I still need to share where we've been "taking out" on Fridays, although we had to switch to Sunday one week, and I missed another due to traveling.

October 3rd = My default go to pick is sushi. Luckily, we have an inexpensive and fast delivery choice with Yummi Tummi. Always hits the spot!

Yummi Tummi Sushi

October 8th = I have been driving over Gateway STEM to watch some high school soccer and I drive by O'Connell's Pub several times. I thought it was time for a good burger! Pickle included! Side of cole slaw for me and I was bummed no one ordered fries for me to steal.

O'Connell's Pub Burger

October 22nd = Patience had a hankerin' for some wings and the best place in town is Syberg's!

Syberg's Wings - Original Sauce

October 29th = It was Pai's turn to pick so you know she went with Asian of newest favorites is the King and I since they have a Pad Thai with scallops or seafood!

Pad Thai with seafood

Photos by Patience Scanlon