Saturday, August 18, 2018

Billie Jean

Earlier this year, Patience finally got to cross two Zoe Robinson restaurants off her list as we dined at both I Fratellini and Bar Le Freres back in January.

Another one, Billie Jean, recently opened in the same neighborhood and was put on the top of our list for the next birthday or anniversary. Thankfully, this was the chosen location for BethFest this year (my friend Beth's birthday) so we didn't have to wait until January!

We've heard such great things about it and it really lived up to the hype.

Beth picked out an awesome bottle of wine from Chateau Musar, one of our (expensive) favorites so it was a treat to drink it again! Definitely a special occasion wine.

Chateau Musar
Billie Jean also helped us celebrate with the Grilled Lobster Tail small plate to kick things off.

Grilled Lobster Tail
Patience and I still ordered another starter since Beth raved about their Dumpling Soup. This is definitely a must order. We split the smaller portion and it was still plenty filling for two of us. It comes with a small container of chili paste, but I didn't touch it! hehe

Dumpling Soup
For the next set of small plates, we shared the Duck Spring Rolls and Tuna Crudo!

Duck Spring Rolls

Yellow-Fin Tuna Crudo
I was fine with multiple small plates, but Patience also ordered an entree knowing that she would end up taking it home. I was super jealous since her Braised Short Rib with fingerling potatoes was definitely a winner! (She even added morel mushrooms to it as well so it was quite decadent.)

Braised Short Rib
I also figured that there would probably be some sort of birthday dessert, but thanks to our well-known birthday girl, we ended up with three desserts that none of us could finish.

Bread Pudding

Chocolate Tort

Expresso Creme Brulee
If you have a special occasion and enjoy dark, tres chic restaurants, this is a must go. Service was top notch as at all Zoe restaurants.


Billie Jean =

Photos by Patience Scanlon