Sunday, May 16, 2021

Take Out Friday - Gokul

Since we aren't going out as much before COVID, I am sure I'll still have quite a few "Take Out Friday" posts in the coming months. Be sure to note that we're not getting the full restaurant experience or ambiance. 

Hopefully, these will be good teasers as far as restaurants to try in person when we get out more.

We're really not well versed in Gokul or Indian food and my experience had been at the lunch buffet at their old location in West County. Now they are in the Loop!

While my dish was way too spicy for me, Patience ordered a lot smarter with a veggie and rice dish.

Vegetables and Rice

Luckily, she also ordered some cheesy Naan and Paneer Pakora to help cool me down. (Paneer Pakora is also cheese that's been dipped in batter and fried.)

Cheesy Naan

Paneer Pakora

We may need a few more orders to find the right dishes for us...


Gokul =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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