Sunday, May 9, 2021

Lucky Accomplice Brunch

To make up for missing her 40th birthday party, we had a make up celebration over brunch at a new restaurant for all of us! This one had been high on my list and lived up to my expectations. 

I had picked out a dish that I guessed I would like, but I should have known better, because we ended up sharing a lot of the menu. 

Of course we started out with cocktails...the bubbles on the house for our birthday girl, followed by the Rosebud Spritz, Meyer Lemon Mimosa (so tart!), the Salsa Verde Bloody Mary (so spicy!), and a Bourbon Milk Punch.

First round of Brunch cocktails...

Starting off small and sweet, the Lil John was pretty much dessert for breakfast. Chocolate on the outside, pecans on top, and cream cheese in the middle!

Lil John

I requested something with protein so we weren't bouncing off the walls, and the Waffle Fried Chicken hit the spot in the savory category. It is served with a Korean chili syrup and chicken liver butter.

Waffle Fried Chicken

Going back to sweet, the pancake with whipped lemo ricotta and jam on top was also decadent.


My favorite had to be the Tater Tot Benedict since I love all things "Benedicted"! So rich...

Tater Tot Benedict

I was ready to throw in the flag here, but another round of cocktails came out...Carmelized Pina Colada and two Italian Spiced sodas...

Second round of cocktails...

And since we had to pass on the French Toast, we charmed our way into tasting the Gjetost fondue! This cheese lover was in heaven!

Gjetost Fondue

I cannot wait to go back for dinner! And maybe not quite so many cocktails...


Lucky Accomplice =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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