Sunday, September 3, 2017

Nudo House STL

Nudo House...just say it fast and you can hear what the restaurant is all about! Even better, it's near where I grocery shop a couple of times a month. YES!

Since Patience is a Ramen FREAK, we had to go right away and we have been several times since then. I order take out and it comes up SO FAST! Perfect for a meal during the week.

I've gotten to try most of the ramen dishes and my favorite, hands down, is the Hebrew Hammer. (Google the reference.) Chicken cooked in schmalz? You KNOW it had my name written all over it.

Hebrew Hammer
We finally remembered to order the spring rolls and those were a winner too.

I know there is Pho and sandwiches, but I'm really not sure I'm ever going to be able to break away from my favorite. I hope they don't mind...


Nudo House STL =

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