Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bocci Bar

Due to a strong sewer smell at Coastal Bistro, my friends and I ended up at Bocci Bar right next door in Clayton. Since the two are sister restaurants, along with BARcelona, the manager of the Bocci Bar was kind enough to honor our reservation in a busy restaurant despite the fact that we were underdressed. (We were the only ones in jeans.)

Since we were starving with such a late dinner reservation, I immediately ordered an appetizer and the “cheese stuffed rice balls” or Suppli al Telefono, caught my eye. This dish came with three dense “balls” of rice, as thick as risotto, and was quite filling. I probably could have made a meal out of just the appetizers too since there was a Formaggio Board and mussels as well.

The soup and salad selections were limited so I ordered the “winter salad” special, which came with root vegetables and I actually ate beets believe it or not. My friends also ordered a regular salad and they came out in bowls instead of small plates. I was already starting to get full.

After attending a few Whole Foods seafood classes, I knew that I had to order the Italian Fish Stew. No question. The stew was chock full of halibut, mussels, calamari, and shrimp in a tomato saffron broth. One friend ordered the lasagna, which was not in a red sauce and had more of a ricotta and vegetable taste. My other friend was very adventurous and ordered the special of the night: rabbit! I got to try it and while I don’t want to say it tasted greasy or gamey, it definitely was a unique and strange flavor. I had to laugh a little bit since it was served with carrots. Hehe

My friends could not resist the dessert menu while I was easily stuffed. I would have chosen the chocolate gelato or chocolate lava cake if I had any room. Instead, my friends went with the mascarpone cheesecake. Talk about thick and rich! And yes, it was a generous slice.


Bocci Bar =

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