Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hamburger Mary's

I had heard about Hamburger Mary’s from my foodie friend Beth, who was familiar with the chain. We got the chance to try it out for the first time before seeing West Side Story at the Fox. We got there plenty early just in case, but Sundays don’t seem to be too busy and it was a good time to go. Since we were waiting on friends to join us, unfortunately, we got lost in a shift change or something because it took us a long time to find someone to help us.

At least this gave us a lot of time to look at the menu. Beth suggested the Lobster Mac, which surprised me because I was thinking about burgers all the way. We decided to be smart and split one of each! Much like Bailey’s Range, they give you a lot of “flavors” of burgers for you to pick from and then you can pick your meat: fancy Kobe beef for an extra $6, regular Angus beef, or even turkey, chicken, or fish! There is even a “Brat” patty but I’m not quite sure I’d ever be brave enough to try that.

I talked Beth into the Mushroom burger, although I don’t think there was all that much arm twisting involved. It probably didn’t help that I had a fantastic Mushroom burger at Bailey’s Range so I thought Hamburger Mary’s version was just alright. I prefer a swiss cheese on a mushroom burger so perhaps that was missing, but what it came down to is that the Lobster Mac was FANTASTIC and I would have to get that every time.

I got to try several types of fries and “Tasty Ta-Ta’s” thanks to my friends at the table and due to poor service and a mix up of orders at our table, we got to try the Fried Twinkes for dessert in honor of my friend’s Amy birthday. Talk about decadent! The best part is that they were covered in chocolate, but it was too rich for more than one or two bites after a greasy burger.

If you have plenty of time, you might want to give Hamburger Mary’s a try to say you’ve been but it’s mostly hype with the loud dance music and diner style “look and feel”. There are just too many other good burger places around town.


Hamburger Mary’s =

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