Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bistro 1130

Unfortunately, Bistro 1130 has closed.

Located in Town and Country is an upscale French restaurant that I got to try for my Dad’s birthday earlier this month. I checked out the menu a few times and had a lot of trouble deciding on what to pick out. So I went with the brute force method (again) and selected a couple of appetizers as well as a main course.

I started with the Prince Edward Island Mussels and the Lemon Scented Crab Cakes. Both appetizers were generous portions and could easily fill two people. My Dad helped me with the extra crab cake, which had a delicious Tomato Jam to go with it, but I was on my own with the large bowl of mussels. (Not that I minded at all.)

The seafood menu offers a few selections of fish served in three different manners: Bistro Style, Blackened, and En Paupiotte. After trying it that way at Demun Oyster Bar, I did not hesitate to order the scallops en paupiotte! In this style, all the vegetables, rice, and scallops are cooked together, which the manager was kind enough to cut open the paper enclosure for us after it was served. All the flavors mix together really well in this sytle...quite rich!

Nothing on the “meat” menu spoke to me but my Dad ordered the Colorado Lamb T-Bones. Even though it was a lot of work to cut the meat off the bone, it definitely was the best meal of the night due to the Chimichuri sauce.

Even though my Dad ordered a cheesecake since it was his birthday, I could not resist the chocolate mousse! So light and creamy…the French are definitely experts when it comes to desserts!

Since Bistro 1130 is a French restaurant, my Dad and I could not find our favorite Rieslings on the wine list and had to branch out a little bit. Since I’m a big fan of Cotes du Rhone, I thought I’d try a Cotes du Blanc. I still preferred to order a white wine since I ordered seafood for almost every course. It turned out to be a good pick since it was a drier wine that did not overwhelm any of my dishes. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have more wines by the glass since I would have tried a more expensive wine that way.

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