Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mother-In-Law House

At the end of every computer conference that my friends put on, they have a tradition of dining at the Mother-in-Law House, located on St. Charles Main Street in one of the many adorable, former homes.

The name definitely lived up to my expectations as I was greeted by a couple elderly women and “grandpa” was our waiter. The interior even feels like you are in your grandparent’s house so you know to be on your best behavior and don’t touch anything as it is all very old and delicate.

I believe Mother-in-Law’s is known for their home made fried chicken as they claim a “famous recipe” but I decided to eat healthier and selected the Stuffed Flounder, which was stuffed with tuna and shrimp and then baked. All entrees comes with the salad bar, although not your traditional salad bar items as there were several types of beans, beets, and runny cottage cheese to just name a few.

Also, while you are waiting for your main course, “grandma” comes around and delivers a hot blueberry muffin in the shape of a star!

And you better believe that my friend got some trouble from “grandma” when she didn’t eat her muffin! Since my friend is gluten intolerant, of course “grandma” made a big fuss about it and popped a gluten-free blueberry muffin from the freezer in the oven for her!

All entrees come out with a side of rice or potato, but no vegetables. That’s because “grandma” walks around and delivers her glazed carrots RIGHT from the dish onto your plate. You KNOW I ate all my veggies so I didn’t get in trouble!

My stuffed flounder was huge and I probably should have taken some of it home but the flounder was light and tasty, although I thought tuna was an odd stuffing choice.

Since “grandma” made a big fuss about my gluten intolerant friend, she also served us a special chocolate cake dessert that tasted just as good as any other cake. It was a huge piece so I know my friend didn’t mind me stealing a few bites either.

So when you’re feeling homesick, Mother-in-Law’s has great comfort food but just remember that the service staff moves a little slow.


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