Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Libertine for Lunch

Unfortunately, the Libertine has closed.

Thanks to a fellow foodie coworker, I finally got to try Libertine after hearing so many wonderful things about Josh Galliano’s new restaurant. Since I work in Brentwood, it was easy to get to the restaurant in the heart of Clayton and got lucky with a parking spot on the street only a block away.

The restaurant was smaller than I had thought, but there was some outdoor patio seating and several spots at the bar, so it was no problem at lunch time to find a spot, but I bet a reservation would be necessary for dinner.

For lunch there was a much smaller menu, but in a way it worked out better because it was so hard to choose. Several items under the “Bowls” section caught my attention and my coworker ordered the Fried Chicken Salad. I was intrigued by the Creamy Waldorf Dressing, which matched up well with the fried chicken crispiness.

I went with the Chicken & Gnudi Dumplings which was served as a chicken thigh on the bone surrounded by a handful of dumplings. I could have devoured an entire bowl of gnudi by themselves since that was the best part of the dish. While the chicken was tasty, the darker, greasier meat is not my most favorite section and I probably would have ordered something else had I known there was deboning work to do.

Even though the lunch menu is short, I was also interested in the “Boards” selection since I saw small sandwiches served up on planks with French fries piled high. This is certainly a place I would love to try a few times since the dishes sound so interesting and there is even twice as many items listed on the dinner menu!

What I couldn’t ignore was the dessert section due to the “Libertine Candy Bar”. Salted Caramel Semifreddo, Hazelnuts, Ganache, and Chocolate Dacquiose. This was just like a frozen Snickers ice cream bar with wonderful melting chocolate going everywhere. It was worth getting messy for!

Now I just can’t wait to go back on a Sunday night for his famous fried chicken! I just might have to write up another review…


Libertine = http://www.libertinestl.com/

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