Sunday, March 2, 2014


Unfortunately, Tripel has closed.

I had about an hour to kill between a meeting in the city and Square One’s birthday celebration in Lafayette Square so I figured I’d take advantage to try out the place next door! I had heard so many good things about Tripel and I love Belgium-style beers so I knew I couldn’t go wrong. Especially a place where mussels and oysters are served!!

I was the only customer in the restaurant at 3pm so in between meals, they have a smaller menu. But I wasn’t worried since there were plenty of tasty options to choose from. Even though the oysters hadn’t come in yet, the mussels are flown in every morning from Maine and you get a choice of six different sauces. I went with the traditional white wine sauce and certainly got enough for two people.

I also picked out a personal favorite of deviled eggs as well as a Belgium beer flight. The bartender, Matt, offered to pick them out for me so I requested the three lightest ones to be safe.

The Bavik was my favorite was my favorite since it was the lightest and smoothest of them all. I almost finished my tasting glass before the food arrived. I have had the Hoegaarden a few times and it’s a bit too hoppy for me. The Frambiose was extremely sweet…almost like drinking a sweet Rose!

Mussels, deviled eggs, and Belgium beer flight: Bavik, Hoegaarden, and Framboise
I cannot wait to go back for their full menu and to finally get that order of Oysters as well!


Tripel St. Louis =

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