Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hiro Asian Kitchen Brunch

We got invited to a brunch for "January birthdays" and since we needed to eat breakfast before another birthday party, I thought we'd try it out. If nothing else, we definitely got to try very different with an Asian flair.

Heading down to Washington Avenue is not bad on a Sunday morning and we were easily able to find parking on the street. It was a little tough waiting until 11AM though, so we were pretty hungry.

The interior looked really beautiful with high ceilings and there is even a party room upstairs. But we just sat at the bar, which is so pretty with the way that it's lit up. There are very unique light fixtures everywhere!

Owner Bernie Lee was kind enough to come over and greet us even though he was very busy. I really appreciated his kindness.

I had a hard time picking out just one cocktail, since there are a couple of unique "Bloody" drinks and a couple of champagne drinks. I went with the Mango-Mosa, which had a small scoop of mango sorbet at the bottom.

I also had a hard time picking out an entree because everything on the menu was so unique and different...all with an Asian twist.

Patience chose the Taiwanese Chicken Fried Steak with a fried egg on top and corn on the bottom.

Taiwanese Chicken Fried Steak
I ordered the Shiitake Rice Porridge since it had the most vegetables: chicken, fried egg, eggplant, spinach and adorable crispy Chinese donuts on top. Bernie told me this was like "chicken noodle soup" - a comfort food. The texture reminded me a lot like grits, which I just love and it was very warming..
Shiitake Rice Porridge
I do hope to get back to try out the dinner menu for sure...


Hiro Asian Kitchen =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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