Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cafe Natasha

Cafe Natasha has been on my list for a very long time, especially since it's a friend's all time favorite restaurant and she celebrates her birthday there every year. Then I ran into Natasha Bahrami herself, and I really felt guilty. She has made quite a name for herself as a gin maven, as if her food wasn't enough.

I figured Cafe Natasha would be the perfect place to celebrate my birthday as well and got the first-class treatment for my special day.

We kicked off the evening with my first gin cocktail, a simple Gin and Tonic made from one of Natasha's favorites: Journeyman. She described it as "citrus forward with a custardy cakey mouthfeel with a North Rose tonic, made from rose hip and lingonberry."

Unfortunately, without my in-house photography, I completely forgot to take a picture of my cocktails and entree. Hopefully, this means I will go back soon and get a second chance for pictures.

Regardless, both my friend Beth and I picked the delicious chicken kebobs, which was served with Saffron Basmati rice, and a side salad with a feta cheese.

And Natasha was very gracious and sent over a large piece of baklava with chocolate sauce drizzled over it with a candle!

Beth and I about to enjoy dessert
At least if nothing else, you can catch a glimpse of my fruity second cocktail above, a Gin and Ginger cocktail. And when you hear ginger, you instantly know it's The Big O! This cocktail was made with Pinkneyend Gin, lemon, and a bit of an apertif like Campari to give it the tartness and pink color.

I cannot wait to go back...


Cafe Natasha =

The Big O =

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