Monday, April 13, 2015

Small Batch

Now this is a restaurant that I had been wanting to go to for a while due to its vegetarian theme and it was appropriately selected as the restaurant of the month by the Green Dining Alliance. I am sure most people are more excited over their selection of whiskey though.

Just as important, the restaurant itself is just beautiful. I love all the iron work and the black and white decor. The entire place is full of light, even on a cloudy day! I also didn't realize that it was a stone's throw from The Fountain, so you could combine the two in some way.

When I first sat down, the bartender gave me quality time with the drink menu, which was good because it is quite lengthy. I'm sure he has to frequently help customers pick out a whiskey, but I also noticed whiskey flights being offered as well. I stuck to my favorite type of cocktail: something made with The Big O, because I know I can't go wrong. My cocktail "King O' France", was made from great king street, calvados, The Big O, sweet vermouth, and peat rinse. (Not sure what a few of those are...)

I was actually thrilled to see that Small Batch has a small menu, helping me to narrow down my choices. I decided to go with the "eat as many small plates as possible" plan of attack.

I started with the Potstickers, which included stir fry vegetables, wasabi pea, and spicy peanut sauce. This was a little spicier than I expected.

My "main course" if you will, was the Risotto, but it didn't come out like I had planned. The rice were actually "risotto balls", or rather jambala croquettes, and also had quite a kick! The Cajun remoulade probably had something to do with that too.

Finally, I was able to cool off with my favorite dish of the night, Poutine. It's done right with a large boat of fries smothered in fontina and peppered white gravy. I should have stopped after a few fries since it was my third small plate of the night, but I couldn't help myself and ate half the tray.

This is a place where you definitely want to bring friends to help you work your way through the menu whether food or whiskey!


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