Monday, February 6, 2017

PW Pizza Charleville Brewing Company

As a big fan of Charleville Winery and Brewery in Ste. Genevieve, I was really looking forward to their PW Pizza Beer dinner. They are in the process of rehabbing a building next to PW Pizza/Vin de Set/Moulin Events to open a brewery here in St. Louis now that they're growing.

First off was their world premiere of "Paul's Pils", an easy to drink pilsner, (named after Paul Hamilton - owner of Vin de Set, which was smartly paired with the "salad" course of Pesto Crostinis.

Pesto Crostini with marinated artichokes, mozzarella, tomato
For the first pizza course, the Half Wit Wheat was even lighter and paired well with the Honey Wheat Crust. You know I picked off all the ham from the "Ham & Cheese" pizza, but I loved the gruyere cheese part!

Schubert's Farm County Ham & Cheese Pizza with gruyere, spinach, red onion and a mustard sauce
I loved the second course, a "Mongolian" pizza with roast beef, mozzerella, and peppers, so of course a stronger Hoptimistic IPA was paired with this.

Mongolian Pizza with mozzarella, roast beef, red pepper, green onion, and sugar snap peas
The best pairing had to be the Nutella Cheesecake Pizza (OMG!) since it was paired with a dessert-like Karate Kicks Coffee Stout, which we had tasted at Larder & Cupboard a few times before.

Nutella Cheesecake Pizza with crushed hazelnut and a raspberry coulis

There won't be a February beer and pizza dinner since the Centennial Beer Festival is this month, but next dinner is in March!


PW Pizza =

Charleville Brewing =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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