Saturday, November 18, 2017

Modern Brewery PW Pizza Beer Dinner

I am pretty familiar with Modern Brewery since they opened VERY close to where Patience works, and the Citrapolis, the first beer of the night, is very popular around town. Even though it's an IPA, it's actually pretty easy to drink.

It's so easy to drink... it was actually paired with a salad course with a slightly spicy dressing, a curried apple vinaigrette!

Butterhead Lettuce with Curried Apple Vinaigrette with Citrapolis
Since it's November, we had a traditional Smoked Turkey Dinner Pizza, which is always a huge hit. This was paired with the Winter Lager, my favorite beer of the night. It reminded me a lot of an Oktoberfest style of beer and it has low ABV (5%) and IBUs (15).

Smoked Turkey Dinner Pizza with Winter Lager
The second pizza of the night, Spicy Chorizo & Black Bean Pizza probably would have gone better with the Citrapolis, as the All Black (referring to the New Zealand rugby team) was very malty.

Spicy Chorizo & Black Bean Pizza with All Black
A better pairing was the Dark Chocolate Mousse (why yes I did offer to help finish my neighbor's dish!) and the McFly Rye (named after Marty McFly from Back to the Future). The thick, dark beer could be described as a dessert beer, although it isn't too sweet.

Dark Chocolate Mousse

Modern Brewery =

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