Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Polite Society

We're finally getting back out there to try some new restaurants in 2018, so we were really looking forward to Polite Society!

We were greeted warmly the second we walked in to the bar area, which is perfect for waiting for your table, but as soon as we turned the corner in to the dining area, we hit a WALL OF NOISE. Sometimes it's fun if a restaurant has a busy vibe to it, but this was just LOUD.

The menu seems upscale, but the servers were dressed in plaid shirts and jeans, so no stuffy feel. And with the crowd noise, it almost felt more like a bar.

Arriving early gave us plenty of time to spend reviewing the menu, even though we both did our homework! I appreciated the concise menu, making it easier to plan out our courses, and I think there is something for everyone.

You could probably make a meal of the appetizers, but Patience went right for the Mussels so there was no hesitation, but I'd love to try a few more things. (There is even a cheese board! Kudos!)

PEI Mussels
We also started with the Deviled Eggs, another favorite...so creamy and delicious.

Deviled Eggs
Also, the sides are listed on the same page as the appetizers so we went ahead and ordered some vegetables to go with our entrees. I ordered the Honey Herb Carrots and Patience got her Brussels Sprouts. Neither one of us really needed a side after both appetizers AND an entree. Perhaps splitting a side dish might be best.

Honey Herb Carrots

Brussels Sprouts
Our dining adventure friends, Jamie and Shannon, started with a Roasted Beet Salad...almost too pretty to eat!

Roasted Beet Salad
OH! Before I get too far into the meal, I forgot to mention the cocktail list with cleverly-named drinks that you don't want to miss!  I chose the sweeter, Strawberry Manilow. (Shoot that's just fun to say.)

Strawberry Manilow
Patience chose a Bourbon Murray with Four Roses Bourbon!

Bourbon Mary
Our server had previously worked at Tony's so his wine service was impeccable, and I'm sure he could have done it with his eyes closed. (Only I notice stuff like this.)

Thanks to an article, I knew I wanted to try the Patty Melt made with the Impossible Burger "meat". I really couldn't tell that anything was different other than it was a lot less greasy. I appreciated the various ketchup and mustards, but the pickles were delicious! I could have used a few dozen more!

Incredible Burger Patty Melt
I persuaded Patience to order the Pekin Duck Breast since that was a unique item, and that turned out to be a winner.

Pekin Duck Breast
Our friends played it safe with their typical selections: Ozark Mushroom Tagliatelle and the Pan Roasted Chicken. Looks like more winners!

Ozark Mushroom Tagliatelle

Pan Roasted Chicken
I was plenty full at this point (even with saving the carrots for the next day), but everyone else powered through for dessert. Again, there is something for everyone!

Patience ordered her favorite, Creme Brulee...

Creme Brulee
...and our friends devoured the Bananas Foster, which came with a generous pour of port!

Bananas Foster
If you don't mind the noise, the menu is definitely a winner and I can't wait to see what the other seasons and menu updates will bring.

Polite Society

Polite Society = https://www.politesocietystl.com/

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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