Sunday, June 3, 2018

PW Pizza Stone Brewing Beer Dinner

I think most beer people are probably familiar with Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewing, so this was a chance for me to taste some other beers from them.

Apparently, Stone Brewing is known for their IPAs and they have a special IPA series going on right now. The first one is called Exalted IPA and it was your typical Citra hop beer, which went perfectly with the Greek Salad. I could have used more olives and artichoke hearts!

Greek Salad
A little less hoppy and my favorite pairing of the night was the Ripper Pale Ale and BBQ Smoked Salmon Pizza. I was unsure about salmon on a pizza much less BBQ sauce on top of that, but I am definitely a convert after that! Great flavors all around.

BBQ Smoked Salmon Pizza
The second pizza and pairing, I did not care for at all. With a big beer like Arrogant Bastard, a Scotch Ale that had originally been "a mistake beer", I understand you need a pizza with a lot of flavor. The Truffle Oil Pizza was a little over the top and took away from the the veggies on the pizza that included wild mushrooms and green garlic. Sadly, I didn't even remember to take a picture either. (Oh, how I need my photography assistant!)

The highest ABV of the night came from the I'm Peach beer, which was surprising since there was so much fruit when you smell and drink this beer. It reminded me of a saison style as well. The Ginger Panna Cotta was a sweet custard, so that was a good pairing, but I couldn't drink too much of the beer.

I'm Peach
IPAs or big beers...Stone Brewing is for you!


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