Sunday, April 7, 2019

PW Pizza Modern Brewery Beer Dinner 2019

We were excited about Modern Brewery since it's a city brewery, and I still remember when they came to PW Pizza a couple of years ago.

There were new chefs starting behind this dinner so there were some new flavors and styles for the courses.

The first course was light with the Baggins' Belgin Wit (yes, that is a reference to Bilbo) with Satan's Salad. I thought for sure the dressing would be on fire with that description, but maybe they just meant the egg (evil eye from LotR?) since it was a curried deviled egg that only had a little spice.

Satan's Salad
For the second course, there was a Mexican theme to the Pueblo Pizza and they used Chihuahua cheese! This was MY favorite of the night since there were huge chunks of chicken. I loved the flavors and tried to get extra of this pizza.

Pueblo Pizza
The beer type wasn't listed on the menu and with 30 IBUs, I was able to correctly guess an Ale! Odinson (yes, Thor reference) is Modern's Pale Ale. Slight hops were well paired with this beer.

For the first time ever, I could not eat a pizza. The Viet-Cajun Crawfish pizza had my mouth on fire all the way around. I've had some pizza in the past where I was able to pick off peppers and eat around the spice, but there was no way to avoid it this time.

Everyone else at the table seemed to enjoy it though! I had to stop after one piece! Of course, the "money maker", Citrapolis (yes, Superman reference) was the typical pairing, but it's too hoppy for me. Definitely well paired with the spicy pizza.

Viet-Cajun Crawfish Pizza
I was really impressed with the Rye-Bourbon vanilla ice cream for the dessert course since those flavors really stood out in the vanilla ice cream, but without any chocolate, I gave most of mine to Patience.

Sorry about the picture...we forgot a little too late...but you've all seen vanilla ice cream'll just have to take my word for it that adding rye and bourbon (it was house made!) is a great way to jazz up vanilla ice cream.

WAS Rye-Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream
I do love the name McFly Rye (you better get that movie reference) ...this stout was not too thick and didn't overpower the ice cream.


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Photos by Patience Scanlon

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