Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Boathouse at Forest Park

I had to look back through my posts to see when the last time I went to The Boathouse. I know I stopped by for a beer and burger with friends since then, but the last official event there was back in 2010 for a shrimp boil.

So it's been a minute...

And thanks to the new ownership by the Sugarfire crew, I had a really good reason to return. (Plus, Patience really wants to ride in the paddleboats for some reason. It seems like a lot of work to me.)

Since it was a beautiful Friday and the happy hour time frame, I got the expected "40 minute wait" response from the hostess, but luckily our friends had already gotten there early. So just a heads up...if you want to go and sit outside...get there early or just accept there will be a wait!

Because it's worth it...

We started out with the Smoked Crispy Chicken Wings...not too hot, just right amount of spice and everyone got two. No fighting!

Smoked Crispy Chicken Wings
I started with "The Hill" salad, which wasn't all that close to the Pasta House original version, but I still enjoyed their take on a "St. Louis salad" with all my favorite ingredients. For my main course, I chose another appetizer: the Smoked Brisket & Provel Toasted Ravioli. Keeping it local, but loved the twist and the "meaty" insides. This dish even came with BBQ sauce instead of marinara.

The Hill

Smoked Briske & Provel Toasted Ravioli
Patience got one of her favorite dishes: shrimp pasta. But since it's Sugarfire, it's formal title is actually Smoked Chicken & Shrimp Penne Saute. (And there's andouille sausage too!)

Smoked chicken & Shrimp Penne Saute
Our friends ordered a pull pork sandwich (good job ordering BBQ) and a Volpi Meats flatbread pizza. Again, all the entrees were the perfect size. (I swear the pulled pork is under that side salad!)

Sugarfire Barbeque Pulled Pork

Flatbread pizza
Gotta love patio season! The menu is just as big of a hit as the view.


The Boathouse at Forest Park =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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