Saturday, August 17, 2019

PW Pizza Deschutes Beer Dinner 2019

Deschutes Brewery was back again with all new beers, with one exception from two years ago.

The Lil' Squeezy beer is just fun to say and of course it was the lighter beer paired with the Big Island Salad. A pineapple dressing helped give it that name.

The Big Island Salad
For a light beer, it still had 40 IBUs, so my favorite beer was probably the second beer, Da Shootz, which only had 25 IBUs. The beer's name was making fun of how often the name of the brewery gets mispronounced, so here it is spelled phonetically! No excuses this time!

Da Shootz was paired with an Gumbo Pizza, so I was nervous that it might be too spicy for me. But then I worried if it IS spicy, it would just overpower the beer. So the andouille on the pizza was not spicy at all, but still had a lot going on. (Why yes, that's rice on a pizza!)

Gumbo Pizza
Everyone else at my table preferred the big flavors from the Korean BBQ Pizza and Fresh Haze, which was plenty hoppy like an IPA. The Korean BBQ had a marinated grilled flank steak, but also pickled jalpenos and kimchi! A little too weird for me, but good for standing up to the hoppiness.

Korean BBQ Pizza
The Black Butte Porter is a great dessert beer and I don't think anyone minded that it was a repeat. This was probably my favorite pairing with the Warm Maple Pecan Cookie...I had three of them! Patience loved the caramel sauce drizzled over the top. (Not quite chocolate sauce, but still warm and soft!)

Warm Maple Pecan Cookie
Deschutes in Bend, Oregon is definitely someplace I hope to visit in person someday!


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Photos by Patience Scanlon

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