Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Midwestern Meat & Drink

I know that it feels like there is a lot of BBQ around town lately, but this one is definitely worth traveling downtown for! Yes I'm talking to you, county folks!

Hopefully by now you know that the chef is from Big Baby Q, where he got many accolades. And he has one of the top bartenders in the area as well. So be sure to get a cocktail while you're there.

We may have had a few...

I went with gin as usual (Hendrick's) with this Sweet Summer Lovin'.

Sweet Summer Lovin'
There is even a Manhattan of the Month! This is The Company You Keep with Espolon Reposado.

The Company You Keep
You can still keep it traditional with Yellow Roses or a 9 to 5 Mule (modeled by Laura).

Yellow Roses

9 to 5 Mule
All the appetizers looked tasty so we picked a couple out...make sure you save room for the meat though!
Fried Green Tomatoes

Smoked Deviled Eggs
Both of the appetizers were winners and this is definitely the time of year for those fried green tomatoes! Lightly battered with a sweet tomato jam, aioli, and ricotta on top.

If you share the apps, then you'll still have room for the main courses. It's hard to pick a platter with just one kind of meat though...hopefully they'll add a "pick two" at some point. There is a huge sampler platter, but that seemed to be enough for four people so we decided to just get our own.

We all got platters, which is the best deal since it comes with two sides AND cornbread. We almost got all the sides between the four of us!

I played it safe with my turkey...don't judge! Definitely had to get the Mac 'N' Cheese though. Also, the pit beans.

Turkey Breast Platter with Mac N Cheese and Pit Beans
The beef rib is only available on the weekends so be sure to get it if you can!

Beef Rib Platter with Creamy Coleslaw and Collard Greens
The St. Louis style ribs still look good though, although the potato salad wasn't what I expected.

St. Louis Style Ribs with pit beans and Candied Bacon-Jalpeno Potato Salad
And check out the rings on that Brisket!

Brisket Platter with Fresh Dill Pickles and Potato Salad
The dill pickles were tasty, but I'm not sure I'd use up a side for 'em.

I also highly suggest you go when the Cardinals are not in town or in the off season because I have no doubt it's packed on game days!


Midwestern Meat & Drink = https://midwesternstl.com/

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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