Thursday, October 3, 2019

PW Pizza Schlafly Beer Dinner 2019

I've never told anyone this story and I doubt my friends would remember this, but I had just gotten back from college and I met them at this new place called "The Tap Room". Well, it was new to me since I had recently turned 21 and there were a lot of places (bars) I had never been before.

When the server asked me what I wanted, I went with my recently learned automatic answer: "Bud Light".

The server and my friends looked at me like I had three heads.

"We don't have that here."

Let's just say I have never made that mistake ever again.

Schlafly was the first beer dinner I ever went to at PW Pizza and they always come back around every few years. I always have to tip my cap to them as they were "my first" craft beer I learned about. This time was special again as it was the first time for Eddie Corno, now a "long time" Schlafly employee and a personal friend, giving the beer presentation.

While I was in the minority at my table, I loved the first pairing since it was a cider! Ciders are very rare at these beer dinners and it was so easy to drink and not too sweet. It was paired with a fall harvest salad and the rosemarry ranch dressing made me want to lick the plate!

Fall Harvest Salad
I was looking forward to the Smoked Chicken Pizza, although I had to pick off the candied jalpenos. Since Kirkwood Brewing has shut down, Schlafly has taken over brewing the St. Louis Football Club Ale D'or. Considered an APA, this was a little hoppy for me. Yet it made sense to pair this with the pizza since it had a little kick to it.

Smoked Chicken Pizza
Surprisingly, the highest ABV of the night went to the Pumpkin Ale at 8%. That was my second favorite although this year's version has a high cinnamon punch to it. This was paired with the Honey Pulled Pork Pizzza, which was a lot milder, and I had to knock off all the shaved fennel slaw as it was a bit overpowering.

Honey Pulled Pork Pizza
I think everyone loved the Banana Bread Pudding with caramel drizzled on top and Oktoberfest pairing the best. Definitely always a winner from Schlafly.

Banana Bread Pudding with St. Louis Football Club Ale D'or beer 

PW Pizza =

Schlafly =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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