Sunday, November 29, 2020

Where we are quaran-dining in November 2020

Looks like we'll be doing this take out thing for some time...

November 6th = I finally let Pai pick for real this week and she was feeling "Greeky". She knows that I always want the Moussaka when she orders from Olympia.


November 13th = I think it's turned chilly for good now so a hot "Hebrew Hammer" ramen from Nudo was a good pick this week.

Hebrew Hammer from Nudo

November 20 =  My turn to pick again and I had INDO on my list for a while since I keep hearing it in the news winning so many awards! They are offering their full menu online so definitely wait for a special occasion night since it is pricy. I miss eating in the actual restaurant for the ambiance and a curated experience, but luckily, most dishes were properly labeled.

From top to bottom: Goyza, Japenese Eggplant, Chili Garlic Noodles, Palm Sugar Ribs

Nigiri, Poke, Crab and Fried Rice,and Benitoro

November 24th = Thanks to Thanksgiving leftovers, we skipped over "Take out Friday" this week and instead, we ordered Katie's Pizza and Pasta for "Give Back Tuesday". Katie's now delivers too!!

Margherita Pizza

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