Thursday, July 29, 2021

Nathaniel Reid Bakery

I'm not sure when we were talking about it...perhaps it was one of those discussions where we were listing all the things we want to do when the pandemic was over, but on my bucket list was visiting Nathaniel Reid's Bakery. It seems like a fun thing to do on a birthday and dive into a lot of treats at once, but I really don't feel like going out much in January cold.

Julia had the brilliant idea of saving the date for my half birthday, as I'm much more willing and pumped to go out in the middle of summer!

Visiting the bakery was everything I thought it would be as I wanted one of EVERYTHING! 

When we arrived late morning, there was a line out the door, but that gave us time to review the menu from our phones. Even if there wasn't a restriction on the number of people in the door, I felt it was better this way to give more space to view the cases while in line. This also led to more organization to go through the display cases one by one.

There were chocolate bars on the side, and then four cases full of goodies.

Cases full of goodies!

I want to say that Nathaniel Reid's is best known for their macaroons, but you should plan on getting some no matter what. To ensure there would be peace in my home, I opted for the box of 12 so that Patience and I would have an equal of our own without having to share. While you may think you can share these, why would you want to?

Macaroon case


Next up was the pastry case and they are all so beautiful. I restricted myself to one chocolate item for me and then a couple more decadent beauties. Almost too pretty to eat!

Pastry case

Chocolate dessert

Raspberry dessert

Caramel dessert

Next up were cookies and croissants...

Croissants and cookies case

I picked an Oatmeal Raisin cookie out for Patience and a Chocolate Almond croissant for us to share since they were the size of my head! I'm sure you know the Double Chocolate Brownie was just for me. No sharing there either. HA!

Oatmeal Raisin cookie

Chocolate Almond Croisssant and Double Chocolate Brownie

Since we got up "early", I still wanted something for breakfast as they have a few savory items too. I felt it was most appropriate to order the Egg and Cheese quiche from a French bakery! The egg was so light and fluffy!

Egg and Cheese quiche

It really is such a treat to have a bakery of this caliber in our town, not to mention in a strip mall in Kirkwood. Be sure to make it a stop at least once a year for that special someone...especially yourself!


Nathaniel Reid Bakery =

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