Friday, August 27, 2021

Take out August 2021

August 6th = I celebrated my friend Tony's birthday for this week's "Take Out Friday" and since he is Italian, we always go to an Italian restaurant. For a few years I tried mixing it up, but this time we went back to his favorite, Lo Russo's. Now the restaurant is super close to where I live!

August 13 = Friday the 13th! This particular Friday lived up to its name as we lost power Thursday evening and I ended up having to work from my friend Amy's house all day. With no power, it was a perfect time for "Take Out Friday". I decided to go to (one of) Amy's favorite restaurants since it's right around the corner from her. Russell's on Macklind has a great reputation even beyond the neighborhood, so you know the food is always good. I ordered the Ricotta filling!

Riccotta Gnudi

August 20th = Pai's turn to pick so of course it was Asian, but I couldn't argue since I got to have my favorite Pho Ga from Mai Lee. It really hits the spot after a long week...

Pho Ga from Mai Lee

August 28th = With everything that's going on in the world, a friend on Facebook suggested that folks support Sameems Afghan Restaurant, as the owners are refugees as well. It was delicious and hopefully we can visit in person! Patience ordered the Lamb Qabelli while I enjoyed a chicken kabob. We were well behaved and shared samosas, well, if you count getting two separate orders!

Samosa in chutney

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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