Friday, September 24, 2021

Take Out September 2021

September 3rd = Even though it's not my week to pick, I still got to provide "inspiration"! Pai had sushi earlier in the week and I was super jealous and it's probably my favorite. At least we mixed it up and ordered from Blue Ocean!

Blue Ocean Sushi

September 17th = Pai and I both were out of town for the previous weekend and so we were finally back on track. Pai needed some comfort food after a long work trip so Mai Lee was called upon to get her feeling right. Since we order from them so often, I decided to try something new... Duck with Egg noodles!

Duck with Egg Noodles

September 24th = In case you hadn't heard Southern is back open for Curbside pick up and that's exactly what I did for this week's "Take out Friday"! Easy to order online (you can pick a date/time in advance) and you just pull right up front and they hand you the order through the car window! 

I ordered the Firebird sammich with mac & cheese on the side, and then extra side of cucumber salad!

Firebird Sandwich with Mac & Cheese and Cucumber Salad sides

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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