Sunday, November 21, 2021

Big Macs & Burgundy Wine Class - #2

Since the first version of the Big Macs & Burgundy Wine Class was so popular, Beth from Cocktails R Go held another one in early November. This time, Patience and my wine club friends got to join me to make it even more fun!

The pairings were slightly different this time around, so it was still worthwhile for me to go again, other than the headliner of a Big Mac paried with a wine from Burgundy region of France. (Although I totally would have done it again no matter what!)

Big Mac paired with a wine from Burgundy

To kick the night off, we had bubbles paired with Crab Rangoon...all that acid was needed to cut through the cheesy insides of the appetizer.

Freixenet Brut Blanc de Blanc paired with Crab Rangoon

I never thought to pair a Chenin Blanc & Viognier blend with Mac & Cheese, but again, the wine cut through all the cheese, which Beth made herself. (I had seconds and thirds thanks to my tablemates.)

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc & Viognier blend paired with Mac 'n Cheese

A brilliant combinatin of Lambrusco, a jammy and sweeter red wine, paired with PB&J was magic to me. Beth also makes a damn fine PB&J with peanut butter on both top AND bottom breads.

Manicardi Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro D.O.C. paired with PB&J

And to finish off the night, Beth had discovered that a Tawny Port was able to match the sweetness of wedding cake (or any white cake). Well...what was left of Pai's cake. I definitely would have never thought to put those two together either.

Cockburns Fine Tawny Porto paired with white cake

Big Macs & Burgundy menu

This class is so awesome, that I decided to request a class of my own for our wine club!


Big Macs & Burgandy =

Cocktails Are Go =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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