Saturday, May 7, 2022

PW Pizza Wiseacre Beer Dinner 2022

Wiseacre is one of the breweries we stopped at while doing a tour of Memphis in 2016! Patience was super into beer at that time, so we visited several that trip. We have fond memories...

Wiseacre Brewing Can lineup

The first course was my favorite this month because I'm such a big fan of wings. The wings were roasted dry-rubbed, and was paired with the lightest beer, Tiny Bomb, a Pale Lager.

Chicken Wings paired with Tiny Bomb

I wasn't too thrilled there were TWO piggy pizzas on this night's menu but I have to admit the combinations were really good. The first pizza, Carbonara, had a ton of cheese on it. That's my kind of pizza! This was paired with a Bow Echo Hazy IPA... I guess to cut through all the cheese?

Pulled Piggy Pizza on the left, Carbonara Pizza on the right

The second pizza, a Pulled Piggy, was smothered in BBQ sauce, gruyere, and onions with the option to top the pizza with coleslaw. Damn good idea! Again, another IPA called Ananda was paired in order to cut through the BBQ sauce and cheese.

And I couldn't forget a beer name like this: Gotta Get Up to Get Down Stout...definitely one of Pai's favorites. This was well paired with dessert, although it wasn't chocolate. The Tiramisu was pretty tasty with the coffee flavors standing out and going well with the stout.


So when you road trip to see Elvis, make sure to stop by...

Wiseacre Brewing


PW Pizza =

Wiseacre Brewing =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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