Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Cork & Rind Cheese Class - Kevin's Favorites

While Patience was out of the country, I decided to treat myself to a cheese class up in St. Charles County at Cork & Rind. I'm a big fan of Kevin, the cheesemonger, and I used to know him in a past life as he used to coach football at my high school. Kevin knows cheese and therefore has my utmost respect.

I believe the theme of this class was his favorites and he picked all winners.

Kevin's Favorite Cheeses

One of my favorites was Flory's Truckle, the lone Missouri cheese, which I first tasted at the American Cheese Conference several years ago in Des Moines. I was blown away at how complex this cheddar tastes so look for it at specialty shops.

Kevin's favorite cheeses with green olives and crackers

Another complex cheese, and most interesting visually, is the Irish Porter. The porter gives the cheese a hoppy flavor with hints of chocolate or caramel.

You can sign up for Cork & Rind's mailing list to learn about future classes. Unfortunately, I am sick this week and couldn't make it to this month's cheese class.


Cork & Rind =

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