Friday, November 24, 2023

Bistro La Floraison

As I mentioned earlier this year in my post about Bar Moro, it is my goal to visit all the former Zoe Robinson restaurants under their new owners and concepts.

I FINALLY got my chance to visit Bistro La Floraison thanks to Beth and Matt Sorrell, who is a bartender there a few nights a week. Beth was looking for a date to sit with her at the bar and I jumped at the chance, especially since she was able to guide me through the courses.

THE Matt Sorrell

I highly recommend their cocktails, probably because I know a bartender there, as they have clever names and some classics.

Beth was kind enough to split all the dishes with me, which helped to make the evening a little more affordable as well.

We started with a few items from the "L'apero" section. More of a small bite than an Hors d'Oeuvre. 

French Onion Financiers, which were almost too pretty to eat, and the Golden Kaluga Caviar were Beth's favorites.

French Onion Financiers

Golden Kaluga Caviar on potato waffles

I picked the Gougeres since they are made with a gruyere mousse!


For the main course, Beth let me pick the Ricotta Gnudi since I'm such a fan. There were quite a lot braised beans as well. An incredibly flavorful dish for something so simple!

Ricotta Gnudi

And Beth made sure we got dessert, so you should be sure to make room as well. The Hazelnut Pot De Creme was so light and creamy, although you know I was wishing there had been a little more chocolate involved.

Hazelnut Pot de Creme

Your meal will always be a winner here, so save up for that special occasion!

Menu from September 2023


Bistro La Floraison =

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