Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sugarfire Smoke House

Since I’m a county girl, I figured I really had no excuse during my time off not to hit up Sugarfire Smoke House to see what the hype is all about. Apparently, the hype is still going strong because MOBS of people were still arriving and the line was out the door when I got there at 12:45pm…I thought for sure it would not be a problem since I got there at the end of the lunch rush.

I felt a little better that once I was inside the door and I saw a sign posted that said “15 minutes” and that was pretty much true. It felt like forever, though, waiting in the long corridor that was never used when it was a Dickey’s! I also saw how crowded the dining area was and I ordered my food “to go” just in case there weren’t any table openings by the time I was ready to sit down.

I was first impressed when I hit the soda fountain while standing in line. The entire machine was supplied by Excel bottling company and they had a few sodas I had never heard of before. I wish there had been more room to try a few flavors while I was waiting, but I felt like I should keep up with the line. I kept looking back to the end of the line and more and more people kept coming in!

Luckily, I studied the menu before going over there and there is a big board over the soda fountain in addition to a chalkboard by the ordering area. Use your time wisely! I selected a turkey sandwich, which came with one side. Be ready with your side order because there are quite a few choices as well! The sandwich comes with 6 ounces of meat and that was a little bit more than I needed. I probably should have gone with the meat alone (only 4 ounces). Since the meats are cut in quarter-inch thick long slices, putting the meat on a sandwich doesn’t make it any easier to eat. The slices on one end kept sliding off when I went to take a bite so perhaps knife and fork is the way to go.

Each table has five or six giant squeeze bottles, which hold a wide variety of sauces. I definitely wish there were more time to linger so I could test out my turkey in each sauce. Since you have to share the wooden tables, I didn’t want to interrupt my tablemates’ conversation so I just used the BBQ flavor in front of me. It had a little bit of kick with not too much of a sweet finish at all. True BBQ lovers will be pleased.

I went with the cole slaw as my one side, which was a good move so I had something creamy to cool me down after the BBQ sauce. My side was also no joke as they filled a 4 ounce container to the top. The entire meal was quite filling and I wasn’t hungry for some time after. So be sure to go in there with an appetite and cancel any big dinner plans.

Normally I would not take a vegetarian to a BBQ joint but I have to admit that I am a little curious about the Smoked Portobello Sandwich as well as the Smoked Salmon.

I’m not sure when the hype will die down either so for now perhaps the best strategy is to call in your to-go order if you don’t have time to wait.


Sugarfire Smoke House = http://sugarfiresmokehouse.com/

Excel Bottling Company = http://excelbottling.com/

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