Sunday, January 26, 2014


Unfortunately, Cheese-ology has closed.

While I know Cheese-ology is not the typical gourmet dining that I usually write about, I feel that the STLCheesegirl needed to at least see what all this cheesiness was about, especially on my birthday. And because who doesn’t love mac & cheese?

Of course I think it is a brilliant idea since it is such an accessible dish and I’ve gotten crazy a time or two throwing in some hot dogs or broccoli with my mac & cheese or mixing it with some chili. I do admit that their version is not your normal mac & cheese, since these dishes are baked, so it’s more like a casserole, and you’ll be a little disappointed if you’re expecting the powered cheese you grew up with.

I was certainly overwhelmed by the amount of choices listed on the board when I walked in. So much that I didn’t realize that there were two size choices as well. I thought my mini-skillet serving was a little small, but the mac & cheese was so filling that I was happier I ended up with a “regular” as opposed to the “large”. The large almost makes it pricy for mac & cheese.

I was torn between the Mediterranean and the Spinach Artichoke since those were the most heavily vegetable dishes, but luckily Patience was willing to split with me. My cheeses were mozzarella and goat cheese, and while I love black olives, the Kalamata olives were a little bit overwhelming. I thought the Spinach Artichoke had a better blend of flavors, with Monterey Jack and Parmesan cheese.

Mediterranean Mac & Cheese
I am tempted to go back for mixing in some protein like the Shrimp Scampi or really I should have just created my own…but I would probably want to mix in everything. I probably should try it at home…

There is also a Vegan option made with Daiya Vegan cheese too.

I was thinking this might be a good place to take kids since this is something that they’ll eat, but then I saw that they served beers on tap as well…so perhaps it really is geared towards adults, or perhaps something for everyone?

Birthday Mac & Cheese!

Cheese-ology =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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