Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Randolfi's Part 2

Unfortunately, Randolfi's has closed.

Now I have never done this before, but we were going to see a movie at the Tivoli, and it just made sense to go dinner in the Loop. And since we were dying to go back to Randolfi's, we went back and brought some friends!

Since we got completely new dishes, I just had to share. Another amazing meal.

We started with Beef Tartare, not something we usually order so we wanted to try something different. Love the presentation too.

Beef Tartare
I kept my promise and tried the highly recommended Pappardelle, a white bolognese with thick, luscious noodles!

Another winner was the Risotto, perfect for spring with asparagus, parmesan, and lemon!

Finally, we got to try the pizza. (You know I picked off the prosciutto.) Light and fluffly crust!

Patience loved the #37 3/4 so she ordered it again, and this time you can see the smoke!

#37 3/4
Tony got his own gelato with expresso on top!

Definitely a great date night destination and be sure to make a reservation.


Randolfi's = http://www.randolfis.com/

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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