Thursday, July 14, 2016


Unfortunately, Randolfi's has closed.

I have been dying to go to this restaurant since it opened and shame on me for not demanding we go sooner. And yes, it's really that good. Although I'm not sure you can go too wrong with traditional Italian cooking.

We sat at the bar, where we saw plenty of Italian wine...

Italian wine
...and Italian liquor, and more!

Plenty to drink!
Spacious kitchen in the back with a large pizza oven!

Bar, kitchen, and blue pizza oven!
Since we live so close, we arrived right around 5pm and at the start of happy hour!

Happy Hour Menu

Off this menu, Patience ordered the Negroni and we split the D.O.P. Gorgonzola Arancini!

D.O.P. Gorgonzola Arancini
Cheesy goodness in the middle of those and we dipped them in a marinara sauce!

I always pick the "Big O" drink. This is the #37 3/4 (Spring), which is Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Big O Ginger Liqueur, Sibona Camomilla, Rhubarb (tea) liqueur, house-made BBQ bitters, chervil tincture applewood smoked.

#37 3/4 (SPRING)
Patience used to drink out of glasses just like these tall water glasses.

Classic water glasses
We had a really hard time choosing our entrees for the evening, so we decided to narrow it down to the Primi section of the menu even though there were scallops calling our name.

Still too many choices, we played it safe by getting our favorites.

I ordered the Gnocchi, which included braised chicken thigh, lemon, capers, olives and tomatoes.

Patience's Meatball Con Spaghetti Alla Chitara included pork and lamb, garlic, chili, and chive. Check out the size of the meatball! Homemade pasta underneath...

Meatball Con Spaghetti Alla Chitara
Don't worry, this definitely means we'll be back to try...hopefully, EVERYTHING else!

Last, but definitely not least, two amazing desserts!

You know I picked the Chocolate Tarta! And since Patience was feeling full, she settled for a unique gelato flavor of cherry chocolate chip.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Gelato and Chocolate Torta
Turns out they were even better together!

Dessert together!
Be sure to put this restaurant on your list to visit soon.


Randolfi's =

Photos by Patience Scanlon

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